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Ana Maria Arévalo Gosen (Caracas, Venezuela. 1988) is a fighter for women's rights and her weapon is visual storytelling. Mixing rigorous research with intimate stories, she wants to make a positive impact through her projects. She strongly believes that this approach has the power to fight social injustice.

In 2009 Arévalo moved to Toulouse, France where she studied Political Science and Photography. Arévalo lived in Hamburg, Germany for five years and currently she is based in Bilbao, Spain. She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and German.

The meaning of life is her most challenging work. It is the intimate story of her husband's fight against testicular cancer. They raise awareness about the disease and gather funds for the male cancer cause.

In 2017 Arévalo returned to Venezuela to work on her first long-term project Dias eternos. For two years she photographed and interviewed women in preventive detention centers and prisons in the country to document their conditions of imprisonment. Her ambition is to carry on this work in the rest of Latin America and become an expert in women's rights. 



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