Carlos David is a great friend of mine, we met when I was photographing for my project “Dias eternos", about the conditions of women in prison in Venezuela. Carlos introduced me to the father and the son of a woman who is detained at the INOF (a women prison). Carlos is 27 years old, lives in Los Teques and is quadriplegic since 2011, he does not feel anything from the chest down. He comes from a lovely and very large family, everyone helps each other. He is a very active person, strong and that breaks any scheme: He works in the administration of a company, he has a degree in industrial mechanics, a technical study in accounting, a medium technician title in administration and another in human resources.

His wheelchair with motor are his legs, the batteries are what gives life to the motor. A couple of weeks ago he told me that he did not have enough money to pay for the batteries, which cost 200 dollars, and they are running out of strength, which means that he is running out of legs to move. So I'm going to raise 200 dollars with the wonderful help of my family, friends and friends of my friends - and friends of friends of my friends - to give Carlos, so he can move again.


How am I going to do it?

I selected 15 photos of landscapes that I took in Venezuela and Bilbao. I am going to sell them through my online store and I will print them on paper of optimum quality, 100% cotton, signed them and number them to 20. All the money will go to my account and once all the money is collected, send it to Carlos so that he can pay for the batteries in his wheelchair. Easy. And I hope that fast, it is urgent. Sipping is worldwide!


If you wish to have the photographs in other sizes, please contact me.


The link for the store and crowdfunding is: 


I love you very much, please, spread the word !! Do the first positive action of the year, your lonely walls will thank me.

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CROWDFUNDING SUCCEDED! Thank you so much to everyone that donated and bought a print. 

Crowdfunding Landscape Prints