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A collection of landscapes and nature photographs.


Cuentapropistas en La Habana

A series of the “freelancers” of La Habana, Cuba. 


Hamburg Calles

Hamburg Calles is a project that started just when Ana Maria moved to this city in 2014; intrigued by her new home she uses photography as a method of recognition, she captures how people and this place behave through the seasons of the year.


Les Gitans de Toulouse

Ana was sitting along la Garonne river in Toulouse when she first crossed a gypsie. Full with curiosity she followed him to his camp and asked him if she could come back to visit them the next day, at first they said no, but  when they realized she was Venezuelan, an outsider, they let her in their lives. She kept on visiting them and photographing the way they live for two years. 


Venezuelan views

While road tripping around Venezuela, I find magic, suspense & visual metaphors. 


Sri Lankan views

Sri Lanka is a place like no other. A country from the past, where tradition is celebrated and honored, but technology has also found its way in to their culture. Bathed in warm light and covered in dust. Strangely slower than the western pace, fascinating on the variety of smells and ardent burning addictive flavors. To wander around Sri Lanka, besides being an underestimated quest with birdy songs, loud buses and the constant sound of waves as a soundtrack at the coast, is pretty mind-blowing and what the whole Indian experience should be all about. 

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